Inspired by their grandfather´s example, an audacious man with an entrepreneurial spirit, two of his grandchildren, André and Raquel, gave rise to this innovative project.

The grandfather José Pinto, a local coffee distributor and trader, driven by his passion and determination, successfully created his own coffee brand, producing and testing several blends, much appreciated by his customers.

In a world in urgent need for sustainable projects, Kukken Caffè offers you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious premium coffee, perfected by this family’s know-how, and at the same time, be part of an ecologically responsible choice.

André and Raquel pay homage to their grandfather, attributing his name to this brand – Kukken, a Nordic translation of the word Pinto.

At Kukken Caffè, we live and breathe coffee.
Our coffee is roasted and packed in Portugal.
We put all our energy into delivering the best coffee
in the simple way.

Enjoy the genuine taste of Kukken Caffee, taking care
of the Environment with our 100% compostable and
plastic free capsules and packing bags.

Coffee is the world’s second most consumed product, did you know that?
And the use of capsules is increasing every year?

Environmental Sustainability is a vital ingredient in a Kukken Caffè.
Our commitment to the environment has been
the driving force behind our mission.
With our coffee you can make an eco-friendly choice.

Our compostable capsules are compatible with Nespresso®
and Dolce Gusto® system and certified for industrial composting.
So, it will take only one year to break down in landfill
compared to plastic capsules which takes 200 years and
aluminium capsules, 500 years, to break down.

Enjoy a cup of selected coffee, certified organically produced,
based on the best environmental practices and the use of natural substances
that guarantee more flavor and quality of coffee, while preserving the environment.


Arabica beans
Enjoy the smooth, slightly sweet flavor, with body and aroma of Peru coffee.
Due to the geographical characteristics of the growing areas, coffee production is completely manual.
Peru is the world's leading exporter of certified organic coffee, with around 90,000 certified hectares.


Arabica beans
Honduras is the sixth largest coffee producer in the world.
Most coffee plantations in Honduras are grown between 950 and 2,000 meters above sea level.
The soils where Honduran coffee is grown are mainly mountainous, with relief, they are not rich in minerals, as they are not volcanic soils, but their altitude allows the coffee to develop in perfect conditions.
Honduran coffees are smooth, robust and sweet, with an intense and creamy body.


Robusta beans
The Robusta coffee produced in Tanzania is planted at lower elevations, with a special focus on the Kagera region, where the largest productions of robusta coffee in the country are located.
Its intense body stands out, with very soft notes of chocolate, nuts and honey.

Our capsules, lid and contents are all waste and certified for industrial composting.
After preparing your delicious coffee, simply drop the used capsule, where available into an industrial composting facility to be broken down in just 90 days, or on general waste where it only takes 1 year!
And don’t worry, our capsules have gone through rigorous biodegrading, ecotoxicity, disintegration and heavy metals contented tests to become TUV certified ( EN 13432) which guarantees that all aspects of our capsules are compostable!

Capsules are packed in a protective atmosphere.
The flow-pack packaging ensures total impermeability to oxygen, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of the product throughout its shelf life.
And on top of that, the bag is also compostable – another way that this coffee is better for the planet.

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